Anies Only

Freelance Illustrator

Commission status : CLOSED

Bust Shot

A rendered bust shot illustration of your character

  • Both filtered and no filter version

  • Transparent PNG of the character included

Bust shot: $150
Extra character: $80

Full Body

A character-focused full-body illustration. The artwork will feature your character with a clean, white background

  • Plain white background

  • Transparent PNG of the character included

Lined Full Body: $250

Character Sheet

A detailed character sheet of your character with simple shading to focus on the design

  • 3 figures included (front view, under garments / accessories off, back view)

  • 3 head shots + 1 SD / Chibi

  • Close up on important details

  • Able to design characters from scratch

  • Includes PNG version of the full bodies and head shots

Character Sheet: $450
Side View (Add on): $100
Extra Figure: $100
Extra Head shot: $50

Full Illust

A detailed illustration of your character with a background

  • Character with background only

  • Price will increase depending on complexity

  • Limited slots every commission batch

  • Cover art prices will vary based on complexity

Full Illustration: $450
Extra character: $100

(not taking full illustration orders until further notice)

DM me for any further questions and inquiries


  • There is no specific date for when I open commissions, please send me a DM if you are interested! (You will either be put in a waitlist or be told when I plan to open commissions)

  • I have the right to refuse a commission if i can't draw it

  • Before commissioning me please prepare a detailed reference for the character/concept you want me to draw. If you don't have any reference a detailed description would be great

  • I will only accept major changes of the commission during the sketch phase, small changes are okay after the sketch phase but please keep it limited

  • Please be sure to have all the details and specifications of your character ready before messaging me. If still undecided/unresponsive within the week, I will have to cancel your commission and give up the slot to someone else.

  • As much as possible Do not ask for too much updates. I will only update you when I have significant progress done. The updates will be: (1) Sketch phase (2) Flat colors stage (3) Completed artwork. [There is a possibility of multiple updates during the sketch phase only if the commissioner has some elements to be changed]

  • Please note that I own the rights to your commission unless you have paid for the commercial use or rights of the artwork

  • There will be an additional fee of $80 for commissions that have a set deadline and/or prioritized

  • The selling or advertising of commissioned art is prohibited unless the commissioner has payed for the commercial use fee


  • All payments will be made through Paypal

  • Cover art prices will vary based on complexity

  • Full illustration prices will vary based on complexity

  • Commercial use fee is double the price of the base commission (Please let me know in advance)

  • Payments are strictly up front or half deposit.

  • I do not allow the option to pay as an installment.

  • Half deposit will be payed before I start to secure the slot, and then after I send the sketch

  • I will not accept refunds


  • I can design Original characters

  • I can draw Fan artworks

  • I can draw Illustrations for music covers

  • I am willing to draw NSFW for a higher price (female nudity only)

  • I will not draw Anthropomorphic characters and Furries (certain parts are ok such as animal ears/tails etc)

  • I will not draw Extreme Gore (blood is ok)

  • I will not draw Mecha (cyborg/android is ok)

  • I will not create Logos or anything to do with Graphic design